Dreaming as high as possible – Writing as great as you can

Dreaming as high as possible-Writing as great as you can, is that okay?

Yeah, Exactly this is the first time for me to post something on my new blog (@wordpress), by GraciousGaliesta. It means that this is the time for me to start writing about any ideas, passion, knowledge, story, dream, imagination, etc.
Hopefully I can look after this blog well, I mean I should be serious to write something and take the role from this blog to show that. Okay, that’s just my opening and I think that’s gonna be fine to tell you here ❀

I have a really fabulous dream, to be a great writer. Yeah, Intan Salindri Galiesta is bestselling author wanna be (say Amin, and just pray for me). Yeah, everything's starting from dreaming. Dream is nice beginning because we can think what we want without exception. We can to explore our ideas to expose our imagination on our writing. Do you want to fly over the world? Do you want to become a princess? Imagine that because that point will be the most thing which reader want to read.
As a teenanger who wants to be a writer, I have to sharpen my thinking, my feelings, and the other indicators that will support my posting, that will make my writing becomes sweeter πŸ™‚
To reach what I dreaming of, the modal I should have is only DREAM, and the effort I should do is WRITE that πŸ™‚

`untuk sayap-sayap patah yang ingin terbang lagi, aku mencoba membantunya melayang tinggi dengan imajinasi`


One thought on “Dreaming as high as possible – Writing as great as you can

  1. Shinyunyun says:

    Great opening Sist, welcome to wordpress! πŸ˜€
    I like your words, dreams. That’s the keyword, hihihi.. Then let’s just write! Although idk how -.- πŸ™‚

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